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03.01.2014 15:45
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC3PTyEl71Y   https://www.dummies.com/how-to/music-creative-arts/music/Ukulele/Strumming-Fingerpicking.html Strumming and Fingerpicking the Ukulele     Related Topics Getting...

Ukulele Tablature in Pdf format

03.08.2013 01:10

lenguaje musical para principiantes

02.08.2013 22:43
Lenguaje Musical para principiantes Publicado el 13 diciembre 2012 por melomanoslocos   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBPP5oyfVhTnYa-dynbscJZD1snQKBtiy&feature=view_all https://blogmusicaclasica.com/2012/12/13/lenguaje-musical-para-principiantes/   Y un material...

ukeshirt paginas sobre el uke

02.08.2013 16:10
  https://ukeshirts.com/tabs.html       Dominator Ukulele Tabs Links https://dominator.ukeland.com/links.shtml   Links Here are some links to other sites and music resources. If you would like to have your site linked to the Dominator Ukulele Tab site just drop me an...

music folk play hymns

02.08.2013 16:07
https://www.music-folk-play-hymns.com/   Ukulele Tab for Hymns Welcome Ukulele Folk! This page contains Christian hymns and gospel songs in ukulele tablature. I am posting new hymns regularly, so keep checking back to see what's new, or subscribe (no charge!), and I'll let you know when new...

Nacho y los pussigatos

02.08.2013 16:03
Nacho y los Pussygatos https://soundcloud.com/nachoylospussygatos

Canciones interesantes

02.08.2013 15:19
Introdução: (riff:1) D G A (4x) RIFF:1 ocultar tablatura D G A e|---12-12-12-12-12-12--3-/5-7-5-3-2-----| B|---13-13-13-15-13-15--5-/7-8-7-5-3-----| G|---------------------------------------| (2x) A|---------------------------------------|...

Libros CON sin tabladuras

02.08.2013 01:06
A menudo los libros viene con notación musical (la clásica de la música redondas, negras...) pero a los principiantes les vienen bien los acordes (charts) brever anotaciones simples con "bolitas" de donde aporrear el onstrumento y para mí las tabladuras que son las cajas o  l4 líneas donde...

canciones listado

30.07.2013 23:48
https://www.free-scores.com/centre.php?CATEGORIE=256 Canciones algunas las que he visto son acordes Download Printable Ukulele Tablature and Sheet Music ukuleletabs.org is a collection of free tablature and sheet music for ukulele in PDF format. Our collection includes arrangements pf Christmas...

cómo leer tabladuras tablature

30.07.2013 23:30
¿Cómo se lee una tab o cifrado para Ukelele? Posted on 13/02/2013 by OliOli ¿Qué es un tab? Un tab, o tablatura, es un sistema de notación para instrumentos musicales de cuerda como la guitarra, el charango o el Ukelele. Es mucho más fácil de leer que una partitura con solfeo, por...
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Strumming and Fingerpicking the Ukulele

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Playing Your Ukulele Using Strumming Notation

After you master the basics of playing your ukulele, you’re going to want to fancy things up a bit with some strumming. Like chord diagrams, strumming notation [more…]

How to Fingerpick Your Ukulele

To fingerpick your ukulele, instead of strumming your fingers along the strings, you pluck the strings individually. Each of the fingers of your picking hand [more…]

How to Produce Vibrato on Your Ukulele

Vibrato is a warble added to the end of a note and is very reminiscent of vocals. Vibrato gives a note more warmth and vibrancy. With your ukulele, you can create vibrato in two ways: [more…]

How to Fingerpick the Up-and-Down Pattern on Your Ukulele

The up-and-down fingerpicking pattern for ukulele reverses the simple up pattern and goes back down the strings. So you play the g, C, E then A in sequence, then you come back down the strings playing [more…]

Using Your Thumb to Fingerpick Your Ukulele

In alternate picking, you fingerpick your ukulele with your thumb. This method may be confusing grammatically but sounds nice on your uke. Be prepared, though: Your thumb really gets a workout. [more…]

How to Play Hammer-on Notes on Your Ukulele

Playing a hammer-on enables you to move from a lower note to a higher note without replucking a string on your ukulele — or any stringed instrument, for that matter. To play a hammer-on: [more…]

How to Play Pull-off Notes on Your Ukulele

To play a pull-off on your ukulele, you transition from a higher note to a lower one without re-picking. In tab, a pull-off is shown as a tie between the notes with a [more…]

Using a Pick and Tremolo Picking on Your Ukulele

Generally, you don’t use a pick to play a ukulele, but sometimes a pick can get you a sound you can’t otherwise achieve, such as a tremolo. The harsh tone of a pick that makes it sound terrible for strumming [more…]

How to Strum a Ukulele

You use your dominant arm (that is, the right arm if you’re right-handed) to strum your ukulele . The fretting hand may get all the glory and do all the fancy work, but the strumming hand is most important [more…]

How to Play Muted Strums, or Chnks, on Your Ukulele

Chnks are muted strums and are great ways to add variety to the sound of your ukulele strumming. You play them as down strums, but instead of letting the chord ring, you immediately bring the underside [more…]

How to Fingerpick the Up Pattern on Your Ukulele

Even with just four strings to use, the ukulele provides a huge variety of fingerpicking patterns to play. The simplest pattern of all goes up through the strings one at a time, as shown in this tab pattern [more…]

How to Bend Notes on Your Ukulele

You play a bend on your ukulele by grabbing the string and pushing it across the neck. This action increases the tension in the string and therefore raises the pitch. To play a bend, [more…]

The Swiss Army Ukulele Strum

When you find yourself stuck for a ukulele strumming pattern, the Swiss army strum is a good one to pick because it fits so many songs really well. Plus, you can play it fast or slow. [more…]

How to Simultaneously Fingerpick More than One Note on Your Ukulele

Picking two notes on your ukulele at the same time creates a beautiful shimmering effect. As with regular picking, in simultaneous picking, you pick down with your thumb and up with your fingers. [more…]

How to Slide Notes on Your Ukulele

A slide is a way of transitioning between notes by shifting a finger along the ukulele string. Slides can transition between two fretted notes in either direction along the string. A big advantage of slides [more…]